Correct home page not displaying - SOLVED

I was looking at my site tonight for the first time in a few weeks and the correct home page is no longer displaying. What is being displayed at opening is a page that is not in the primary menu and is not displayed in the menu. The site has been running for a few months.

I want to only be able to access this Idea-Gallery sample page by typing in the full url which I have done in the past.

I have not made any changes to this site and it is the only site that I have. I have a second machine running high sierra and cleared cache etc and the samples page still appears when entering the url.

I looked in the export file and saw .html pages for all the pages in the menu and this Idea-Gallery samples page is not listed.

I also have a 404 error page that is not being used. It is not in the primary menu and it is in the export file.

Why is this suddenly happening?


What is set as your home page in project settings?


@Flashman thanks for responding.
The home page was set to Home.

I could not understand how the sample page got to be the home page although it was in the project file as an .html page.

So I decided to delete the project files from my Mac and the server and re export and upload the files.

It now works. So it had to be an export anomaly.

Thanks again