Costom Fonts do not work

Hi there, I have uploaded some local fonts via the font manager and set them up in the project setup. When I create new columns and add a paragraph the font switches back to Helvetica. If I change it manually it works in one column, but switches back to Helvetica if I try to change it in the other column. Tried it various times…

Any help or is this a bug…

It’s hard to know for sure, but I am wondering if it is inheriting values from higher up the chain. It’s not normal behaviour and I think others would likely report this if it was a bug. Some screenshots and further details might be helpful.

Could return to an older version of the file and then it worked. The other version was totally destructed, no CSS worked anymore and all paddings and other things I tweaked were lost and I could not change them anymore.

So it must be a bug.

Hope the developers read this.

Hi, @lovtscho. Thanks to report your bug(s) here: