Crash selecting a color in Ventura

I’m crashing virtually every time I try to use the color pickers. I am using Ventura which is still in beta but it is pretty stable and I’m guessing it’s going golden master next week. I’ve reported it with a console log. I mostly just want everyone to know that if you upgrade to Ventura and crash using the color pickers, it’s been reported.

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It may be more useful if you can copy paste the crash report when this happens and send it in with a bug report. It’s likely that there will be a few issues to tidy up at this stage with Ventura prior to release.

I and a few others have been experiencing this issue as well with Ventura Betas. Best to save your project religiously before using the color picker.
Hopefully, we should have a fix for this by the time Ventura is released.

I did. “Console log”

Normally there is a pop up panel when Blocs crashes that contains a report. I select all and copy paste that to a text document, the export it as a PDF.

I think it’s the same thing as found in the crash log in the console. I didn’t get the dialog every time.