Crashed my design with iFrame Search

I made good progress today creating my website, but crashed my build totally and I don’t know how to get it back.

After inserting in a HTML widget the iframe search from

I could in the Normal Mode enter a text string and the Blocs program opened the website inside the tool. Problem is there is no way to go back and after I closed the program and reopened the screen lost all content on my screen, like nothing has been there.
I tried all menu function, which make sense and it might be trivial thing, but I just can not restore my design?
Any ideas?
Thank you

The HTML widget has the potential to do this as it is unrestricted in 2.3.2, this is why there is a notice in the sidebar stating backup, backup before you start pasting code in. Ideally it’s only meant for pure HTML but folks can drop all sorts in there.

I’m not sure if you have tried 2.4 but the HTML widget has changed so it prevents scripts from executing on the design canvas when they are pasted in, this may fix your problem if you try it again. So the search field won’t work in app but will once exported.

But rule of thumb, when you start pasting code in make a backup before doing so.