Crashes when saving changes to project (2.4.0) - Resolved

It simply crashes now whenever I try to save changes to a project.

The backstory: I had been experiencing some issues and restarted the computer. Upon reopening Blocs again after restarting, I noticed some changes to the design of the application (updates etc).

So assumed this was the reason for the difficulties experienced before in saving (it wasn’t saving changes made, although it appeared to go through the motions).

But now whenever I try to save any changes, or simple ‘save’ in the first instance after opening Blocs, it instantly crashes.

Really want to proceed with project work on Blocs ASAP, so any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


You have probably already tried these, but worth a go:

Does ‘Save As’ work if saving to a different location?

Copy the project files to a different location and try opening them from there (you might get assets missing)?

‘Save As’ unfortunately crashes it as well.
‘Copy the project files’ - sorry do you mean build the whole project again from scratch?

Thanks for your reply will try to figure out what you mean about locations and project files.

No, if you can locate the actual blocs project file, then copy that elsewhere and try opening it. That way we remove potential issues with the current physical location of the file.

Hey @CharlieHayden does Blocs crash if you start a new project and try to save that?

That works fine. So maybe that’s it then. I’ve been working on the same project for a while now. Over the course of several updates.

I can begin again from scratch replicating what I’ve already done. There have been so many changes to the overall form of it as it has become more nuanced or sophisticated in form.

Maybe I can load the old one in an older version of Blocs, and build the new one in 2.4.0. Would just have to find the license key for the old one, because it asks me for that in order to open it.

That is if the content would load on an older version. I can’t seem to access the older version anyway (from 2015). But it would be convenient to be able to scroll through the project I want to recreate in a new file.

Thanks for sending over the project file. The issue is caused by the sheer scale of the project and how it’s structured.

You have a lot of Blocs all on a single page, when Blocs was saving, it was trying to capture the page screen shot for use in the navigator view, which was an astonishing 558,082 pixels high. The OS just cuts off resources as it uses far to much to process the image.

I’ve added a fail safe to Blocs 2.4.1 so it wont crash in future and caps the top page screen grab size off at a cool 100k pixels in height. Although Blocs wont crash now, every time you save, your machine will be doing some heavy lifting and will slow down.

This is a rare structure for a site, you have to consider that loading this site would probably crash mobile browsers and maybe freeze desktop ones, take about 10 minutes to load and hammer your server.

Infinite Scroll needs to be managed correctly, Blocs isn’t cut out for this type of site.

I would strongly suggest splitting the site up into pages this will make it load faster when hosted as well as massively increase perfomance in Blocs.

Yes I see. The logic of infinite expansion of the scrolling website has its practical limitations.

I suppose there is no practical way to simply cut chunks out of the existing ‘single page’ for rehousing into separate pages.

So build again, separating off into different pages. A page per decade perhaps.

Many thanks for your help clarifying things. It’s good to understand the nature of the problem. A victim of my own demise. How poetic.

Use the 2.4.1 beta coming in a few hours and then you may be able to work something out with the current project.

First back it up a few times in various locations.

Now open your project and create some new pages and then scroll down and duplicate each bloc to a new page, delete the original bloc on the home page.

You could also add a button at the bottom of each page that take you to the next page so it logically connects up as you scroll down.

Okay so you mean attempt to evolve the new form within the existing one. Open the existing project within 2.4.1 beta and create new pages and duplicate material from the original ‘single page’ to new pages and when they are created delete the original ‘single page’.

Yes buttons at the bottom as links to a new page. It’s strange how resistant one can become to the idea of multiple pages after getting into the groove of the idea of a ‘single scrolling page’.

yeah thats correct, its worth a try.

Ok will do. Thanks again.

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