Crashing bug?

hi there, first what i was doing - then the weirdness started

my blocs trial says 1 day left

I was learning about dropdown menu’s so playing with the menu manager and creating a sub menu (for which i couldn’t modify any new fields (double clicking the touchpad, or the symbol to the right) - which was strange)… changed to mouse…
sub menu page title i entered didn’t exist in the primary (i was still learning).
put everything the way it should be (still couldn’t modify new fields or even old fields)
decided it was my field names being “page 1” which was converted to “page-1” so modified it via top right…

decided to start again as still couldn’t modify fields via the menu manager (so i have 2 projects - created a third) it was at this point it started crashing - wouldn’t let me open any project…

restarted my mac - still have the same problem…

sorry about the long winded “what i have done” if it is a bug and not a glitch, it should help track it down…

need blocs to run again (have 1 day left) happy to buy (excellent program) although i would prefer the program to be running before i buy :slight_smile:

update : still having problem, have shut down the mac twice - am using blocs 2.5.0 and mac O/S High Sierra version 10.13.3
blocs gives me “continue with trial or enter licence” then the app loads, i double click on the file i want to open, starts to open it and then crashes. the blocs icon on the bottom of the toolbar also disappears.

If it’s crashing with your project it may be that the project got an error written into it, it’s super rare but anything is possible with computers.

Does the app crash when you start s fresh project?

If you send me the project via a DM here on the forum I’ll test it and fix it up if it requires it.

:slight_smile: yes it crashes for new project, it crashes for the old project, and it first happened on the test project, and now effects everything…below is as far as i can get.

i deleted the test website (thinking it may have been that), the only other thing i can think of (clasping at straws here) the trial says 1 day left, and if it links with you over there, the time difference (as i live in australia) may be saying “not allowed to use”.

here is the project, very simple, but i am sure it is not my project (i have deleted “test website”. maybe uninstall and re-install program? uploaded the program “Sda Mr” 100% then disappeared? will publish and update if needed -edit : tried twice using uploader above and it just disappears

It looks to me like an issue with the trial rather than the app crashing. I recently extended the trial to 7 days I may have left something in that is causing a conflict after the original 5 days.

yes verified - just bought the program and now it is working perfectly

for your knowledge : the trial still said “1” day left, even though it is 3am here the next day (it should now be saying “0”)
instead of just dumping you out (and causing confusion) maybe a popup with an “ok” button saying “trial has ended” - and then dumping you out :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help norm - excellent program

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