Create a newsletter button with attached file!

Hello there !
i’m just wondering if there any possibility to make a block (button) that allow the website user to receive automatically a newsletter and an attached file such as a pdf !

Thanks to all of you :slight_smile:

Newsletter providers generally don’t send emails to someone who isn’t on your email list for spam reasons. I’m not sure which newsletter provider you’re using but check if they offer an embed HTML code widget that can collect someone’s email address and automatically shoot them the email preset you want. Let me know your newsletter provider and I’ll see if there’s an option.

Instead of sending an email, you can upload your files somewhere and copy the link from the download button which should automatically start the download. Once you have this link, paste it into the button’s “Navigate to URL” section under the Interactions section.

@ManjuTheKat You could also upload your PDF to Google Drive then copy your share link which is provided by Google Drive then paste it into the button’s “Navigate to URL” section. Make sure to tick “Open in new tab.”

Make sure to not delete the file off your Google Drive otherwise the link won’t work.

@Moody !
thanks so much for this easy solution… i should have thought about it earlier…
So i guess i gonna do this way !

Thanks :pray:

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MailChimp provides a free list service that works great. It will generate the code for people to sign up. Then you can go into MailChimp and send out a newsletter to anyone that signs up. It’s really one of the best free solution for a mailing list.

Here’s the link to MailChimp.

Here’s a link to one of my clients site that show how it is implemented on a page.

Hope this helps

I’m using another great online form builder service with extreme customization: It has a free plan. It’s more than enough for me. Here is a design of the JotForm’s form I’ve created by my self from the scratch: