Create Menu Navigation Class

Hello guys. I am trying to change the navigation menu through the Classes, but the changes made have no effect. I need the navigation buttons to be set to solid color when passed with the pointer on top and that they are also set to solid color active. I already deactivated the primary menu to none and the desired effect did not happen.
Does anyone know how to do it or is it an app bug?

Thank you


Did you create and add a class to each of the menu items? It will not work if you add it to the list, it should be each item.


Thank you for your response Eldar. But I still have a question: do I have to make a normal class, a hover class, and an active class for each of the menu items (6)? this will give at least 3x6 different pages. Right?

best regards

Luis Barros

Dear Eldar, what I need to do is similar to this site [], including the counters and the loading bar above the carrocel.
Can not I use Blocs to do this?

You can also make it with the primary menu like explained here: Changing the navigation menu style


No, you only need to create one custom class and apply it to all links. You can make different adjustments to normal state and to hover state.

Loading bar above Carrousel is a little bit different story, but as for the menu, it is easily archivable with Blocs. I explain everything in detail in Blocs Core Training course on, but even in the video below I have posted on YouTube, you can get an idea of how to have this button effect on the active links.