Create sub-pages?

Novice here again wondering if it is possible to create sub-pages which would appear as drop-downs from the main Nav bar? Any help much appreciated, for a website that will have multiple gallery pages.

You should read up on Menu Manager:

Basically create a page as normal, set it so it doesn’t add a link to the primary menu (page create settings), now in menu manager create a new menu, add a link to your new page in the new menu, then add a link to the new menu you created in menu manager in your primary menu. It will show a dropdown in you navigation with an item that links to your new page.

Does this work the same for when we are trying to make multiple drop-down levels? Can the menu item show the dropdown on hover so each link can be used as a clickable link?

having trouble linking page to submenu, i have unchecked primary, created page and then put data to submenu - it won’t populate in the menu manager?, i know i am missing something simple

Sorry, just worked it out,

for anyone else, edit field in the menu manager, type in the name and you have to physically put the link to the right page “Target”