Create URL preview

Is there a way to create a custom URL preview?

My 'default" URL preview is a bit ordinary and I’d like it to include my logo. Can this be done through blocs?

Site is ;
Current preview :

Thanks all,


Do you mean specifically for Twitter and Facebook?

Until Open Graph is built into Blocs, you can use tools like this to create your tags and add them to the page header.

This site is useful for batch resizing of images with social media


Wow, that’s a great site @Flashman

Do I save the image within the project somewhere or do I have to upload it to the img file after export?

I’ll never remember to do that every time I export it…


Would be nice if it worked for any URL preview …

I tend to have these images in their own folder on the server. You only need to upload the image once. And also amend the code to the correct URL for the image.

Clever. Thanks