Created an interactive column using button position but losing button positioning when switching from BS4 to BS5

Hi All
In Bloc’s 4.5 BS4 I managed to create an interactive column containing text and images with a button position setting of absolute and ‘0’'s – the button fills the space of the column, making it and the contents interactive (+ set the buttons hover settings to provided roll-over.)…excellent…love it an easy way to make the a whole column interactive, that adjusts to column size and breakpoints easily…
However when I switch the project to BS5 the same settings –the button now adheres to the ‘container’… possibly as the parent…rather than the column…any way after many hours of trial an error I thought someone may have a suggestion to get the button to fit the column rather than the container in BS5…(yes I realise the process of setting the button with a size and negative margin but not after that I thought it could be done with positioning)
…hope this gabble makes sense.
attached x mocked up 2 bloc files.
Column Interaction BStrap4
Column Interaction BStrap5
Column Interaction BStrap5.bloc (1.5 MB)
Column Interaction BStrap4.bloc (1.5 MB)

Without looking at the projects, it points to the column needing a position of relative set.

Relative is needed so the absolute knows where to “attach itself” or be relative too.

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Yes brilliant, thank you, of course… amazing quick response…appreciation from Tasmania to the land of the long white cloud.

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