Creating header

I am new to Blocs and am creating a website with a static header at top with company name on left and menus with drop downs on right. Above the drop downs, I want to put the company phone number right justified to the entire page. Should I add another bloc to do this or just add a bric? I tried adding a text bric or title, but it does not format to the right or like I would expect.

Add a picture it helps to understand and we can help you :slight_smile:

Thank you. Attached is picture

I want logo and business name on left. It looks to me that if I want any special formatting to the name and another line under the name [general surgery] then I would have to probably create an image file to optimize alignment and font style/size, etc. On the right are the pull down menus. The issue is the phone number on the upper right I want to right justify it all the way to the side of the header.

Create a standard structure bloc and use that instead of a normal navigation bloc. This will allow you to place elements anywhere and on more than one line. It’s not as convenient as an automatically generated navigation bloc, but at least you have more control over it’s design and layout.