Credo Academy - Learning platform built with Blocs

My new project teaches iPhone and Mac app design and development and its website could be a great example of what we can create with Blocs rapidly.

Due to the limited time that I had when I created this site, you will not find any fancy animation or such eye-catchy things.

One thing that I would like to highlight is the rounded corners around each YouTube videos which were made with some custom CSS.

:smiley: Do you like it? What would you recommend to work on and further improve?

Thank you, @Norm and Cazoobi Team !

Happy website building!

Software: Blocs 4.2.2



Very Clean Card Designs :grinning:

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Thank you @TMRJIJ!

Hey @RobertPetras - love this. Lovely design, a great modern feel - stunning visuals! Love the flow of the website.

Well done. 10/10 nice work.

I have used the same colour scheme too in a recent project for myself! Nice

Hi @RobertPetras

Lovely design and some interesting features!
Even though there’s a lot of information displayed, it doesn’t feel too crowded. It is “sweet” to the eyes, so you scroll and click, and search what “candy” it presents next :slight_smile:
For sure one of the websites, on which I’ve spent more time discovering stuff.

I’m wondering how you did the animated effect, when hovering the cards on the homepage. Would you bother to tell the community, and help us recreate it?

Thanks, Ben

Ben, it looks like

Type : Mouse Over
Style : Pulse

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ah… haha, because he is writing…

…I didn’t even think about Animation :rofl:

thanks @Bloccali for pointing me the obvious :slight_smile:

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Looks amazing! :heart_eyes:

Nice work @RobertPetras

I would love to learn how to make iOS apps. Very tempting :grin:

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