CSS Grid

Just wondering if the new CSS Grid system will become part and parcel in Blocs.
It seems to be gaining great traction and being support well in browsers. Besides that the concept is great and will be the next revolution in webdesign I think.



I’ve been exporting Test Blocs projects and importing into Pine Grow where CSS Grid is Native. It’s almost like tables. But the terms tracks and other things seem to not entirely intuitive…:slight_smile:
Anything that requires less lines of code and works on more browsers is bound to get adopted over older frameworks. This seems to be what CSS Grid and Frameworks 7 are touting. CSS Grid allows the browser to design your page to an extent. Rather than try and create breakpoints, floats and such the “Grid” just allows a natural flow. At least that’s the theory.:wink:

To my understanding Blocs 3 will continue to leverage Bootstrap, with Blocs 3 being updated to Bootstrap 4 which is based upon Flexbox, that in itself will be a big improvement. Users can always choose to intermingle CSS Grid themselves via the HTML Bric, Custom CSS, or via custom Brics, etc., if they desire.

But given the core reliance upon Bootstrap by Blocs, the near focus of the app might not be providing a visual way to work with CSS Grid via the app itself for some time. Only @norm could shed proper light regarding such things moving forward and the direction things will ultimately go.

Yes that might be so but I believe css grid will be the default layout tool and already flex box plus other components play very well with grid even at this early stage.
By its rapid uptake already and the excitement it’s creating around the web, technologies not based on it will struggle and be left behind I think.

Great to hear what you’re thinking though appreciate your reply.


You needn’t try to convince me regarding the purpose and benefit of CSS Grid as it pertains to moving forward concerning web development. You’re playing to the band. :–)

But the fact still remains concerning Blocs:

Your interest and intent is fully understood however.


I am sure @norm likewise understands its importance and how having some sort of CSS Grid inclusion (or its absence) will impact Blocsapp heading into the future.

Dun Dun Duuuun …

@daveedwards, here is some news “CSS Grid” is 100% coming to Blocs according to @norm.


Still remains uncertain when, but hopefully it reaches fruition.

I watched the video on the new CSS system grid and it looks like Tables to me. :smile:
Love his presentation, he has made it very clear.
Does anyone know @daveedwards, @MDS, @HMM of or used a new CSS Grid System Generator?
Here is one I found.