CSS lost & duplicate - solved

Hi guys, I need help.

i have some problems with a project on blocs.

When I export the project I find duplicate folders, attached to the project that I have not attached, and inequalities between the styles of the project and what I see on the site.
Who can help me?

momentary link: https://www.immagini-amo.it/clienti/paolascribs/



The unwanted attachments in the project settings are probably there from brics you have added to the project and then deleted. At the moment Blocs does not automatically delete those attachments and they need to be removed manually if not in use.

The double folders in the export might be down to something like saving the project with a new name and then exporting to the same old folder. Queste cose succedono a tutti prima o poi.

ok but why do I visualize my components in one way and instead they are exported in another?
Look at those “details” buttons

That’s hard to tell, but I would start by removing any unwanted page attachments for brics that are not in use, then save the project. Now do a clean export. After this, delete the content on the server and try a fresh upload.

There are too many issues at the moment and it may just resolve if you make a clean start. It should only take a couple minutes.

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OK! I got it. It is necessary to clean all the contents of the attachments and if anything export to a new package. Now works.