CSS text from Code Widget showing

Hi, I’m new here and have been using Sparkle till now which is great for what it is and wanted to use blocks to try it out so I am just getting used to the idea of classes and Id’s so I’m a novice.

For the last hour or two I’ve been trying to figure out why the animation CSS code for an in-line SVG is displaying on the preview and on export. (Preview content is turned off) The code is animating the SVG just as it should, the only issue is that there is a huge block of CSS below the footer.

The code is taken from https://svgartista.net which is a neat tool to quickly apply an animation on an SVG.

I cant find anyone else in the forum with the same issue and looking through stackoverflow hasn’t worked. Thanks

Hard to know without any screen shots of what you have done.

But I do suspect if you are seeing the CSS you haven’t placed it inside style tags.

... css here 
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Thanks, its working now. I did have it between style tags but it was still not showing.

I’ve now started a new file and taken the demo SVG code and CSS from that website and it works as expected.
It might have been my own SVG file, or I may have not originally turned off the preview and that corrupted the file?
Yes I would have posted a screenshot or the file itself, but I had already made things worse by the time I thought of posting.

Thanks again for the advise

Yeah. The preview thing can cause issues, even if you disable it later.

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