Cursor not changing to pointer over links

I have created this website in blocs, - I can’t work out why the cursor is not changing to a pointer when hovering over the links. Any help would be much appreciated!


It does for me.

Interesting. Thanks for checking - what OS / Browser are you on? I’ve been looking at other people sites and blocs templates and none of them have a cursor change for me, Mac OS 12.3, across Chrome, Safari and Firefox

All good on Safari, Chrome and Firefox for me.

Hmmm! Well good that its working for others but rather strange it’s not for me. Are you on Mac OS or Windows

As a Blocs user the change is very likely I’m on macOS :grin: :upside_down_face:

Haha oh I guess blocs is Mac only! Anyway, thank you for your time.

Anyone with any idea why it might not be working for me, system wide?

Hi @araali

Its working fine for me too.

Can I just point out, I have only had a look on desk top view, but what a lovely website you have made!
Really tidy and clean.

One point - when i close the browser size to tablet view and click on the burger, the background is black and cant see the text.

Other than that - GREAT site!

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Thank you for the feedback - and for catching that black menu, very useful, most appreciated.

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