Custom attribute "pattern" breaks the input field

Everthing works well if I add the custom attribute “name”, but If I add the custom attribute “pattern” to an input field, this field gets broken. If I try to select this field again for making changes, Blocs only shows the last selected object in the sidebar, but not the currently selected input field.

If I export the project, everything gets exported, but unfortunately incorrect (see the image) (fortunately, I have a copy of this blocs-project).

Blocs 3.4.5 /macOS 10.15.4

I would submit a bug report to @Norm

Yes i did too.

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If somebody runs into the same problem, this is the solution (thanks to @Norm):

Instead of this code …

pattern=„[A-zÄÖÜäöüß.,áÁéÉúÚóÓàÀèÈùÙòÒ | \b | -]{2,25}“

… add this code to your custom attribute …

pattern=„[A-zÄÖÜäöüß.,áÁéÉúÚóÓàÀèÈùÙòÒ | \\\\b | -]{2,25}“

… and the form is exported to work properly (and the form field doesn’t get corrupted in Blocs).

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