Custom class central library

Would it be possible to have central library where custom classes could be accessed by all projects? This could either be linked to the class manager or separate, but I can see value in being able to quickly access classes created for other projects, rather than always starting from scratch.

Alternatively, how about an option to export custom classes, which can then be imported into a different project? At that point they could even be shared by Blocs users.


I totally agree.
This would be a great help.

Maybe a ‘sharing’ platform too?

If custom classes could be exported I don’t see why we couldn’t create a sharing platform. Indeed it could create a huge library of features that could be easily incorporated by all users.

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Agree this would be a really useful feature. I currently use a blank document with most of my regular classes set up in it. I then load this when I start a new project. It helps but is not perfect, so this idea definately gets my vote. Over to you Norm!


Great idea!


I agree with me :thinking:

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