Custom Class Window Doesn’t Retain Settings

I’ve been trying to change the p class to change the default font for all those tags in the site.

1 - Open Custom Class Editor

2 - Create a new class - p

3 - Edit the class

4 - Close the Class window by clicking Done

5 - Re-open the class settings for p

6 >> None of my changes are there

What is odd, though, is that the document reflects the changes I made. However, returning to the class editor gives me what I expect are defaults - so, for example, I’m always given Helvetica as the font, even though I had made a different selection.

How do you make it retain the settings, so returning to edit the class later isn”t a confusing mix of new changes and defaults?

Set the default font in the project settings.

The font in Project Settings is Open Sans300. In the Class Manager editor, it ALWAYS defaults back to Helvetica Bold.

This affects font, size, colour, line height - pretty much every setting I change.

Again - the document displays the settings in the revised class, but the settings are not reflected when I go to edit it.

I have posted a video showing the problem I have:

I am not seeing that behavior here.

1.) What is the font setting for paragraph in the project settings? (note that ones set for items in the objects menu other than ‘all’ will override the ‘all’ settings).

2.) Can you explain why the first style in the class manager is missing the ‘p’ tag? Did you edit it?

If not, try creating a new project. Any settings to the project level typography should apply those styles throughout, and/or create additional styles for individual elements set in the objects popup (H1, H2, Paragraph, etc.).

1 - Open Sans600

2 - I removed it. I thought that as I was creating my own p class/style, that I’d not need it to be defined twice. I wasn’t aware that there were two places where this could be defined. I’ve not selected Helvetica anywhere.

In a new project, I don’t see the problems I see here - so is removing the p from that mass of classes a problem?

Yes, it is.