Custom Classes Dialog Suggestion

The clickable sections for padding, margin, border etc. really need an overhaul because there is no visible feedback on the dialog that any settings have been made. The only way to know what settings have been made is to click around the possible options to see if there’s anything set up. This is very poor usability and easy to resolve.

You could show that an option has been set by highlighting the option in a different way - increased contrast, increased width or a changed indicator.

I’ve posted this in the Beta discussion because it would be nice to see this given some love.


Yeah this is coming in Blocs V5. The Class Editor for Blocs on iPad is actually already set up like this, you can see values for all sides at once.


Looks great! It’s incredible how Blocs has developed since the beginning. You should be proud.

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Are you saying that Blocs v5 macOS will likewise be moving to a more single window interface (vs all the detached palette windows) allowing complete workflow continuity across devices macOS & iPad? If so that will be an improvement even for Mac / Laptop users in my opinion.

Not exactly, it’s more likely that an all in one UI on desktop may be optional in the future.

The plan is to unify both interfaces over the coming years, so the changes to the V5 interface will not be a radical departure from V4, but there are some.


Can’t wait @Norm
I’d love to see the new blocs release website be 100% made on iPad too!