Custom code at the begginning of entire code of the page

I have a suggestion. There is lack of ability to put some custom code BEFORE the < !doctype html> tag at the begginning of the document. I have worked on particular website and I notice a lack of this necessary fuction. When anybody have to call the php require function, it would be one of the best segments of the code to do that.

Without this ability, I have to manually add the necessary code after exporting the project. I know that there is ability to add a custom code in the < head> and the end of the < body> but I found that this is not enough… My suggestion is to add another field on the top of this window:

@norm, what do you think?


It’s already added and ready in Blocs 2.5


Why in 2.5? Maybe in 2.4.5 …? :wink:

2.4.5 just contains minor fixes and patches, this is a bigger change as it effects the data structure of files so it needs to be beta tested.

The good news is Blocs 2.5 will start beta this week, so not long to wait.


I’m with you , partner.