Custom google search engine

Hello everyone, I am using an internal search engine in my website, using google, but once I upload the page to the network, the search engine marks the error, but the google search engine, with the public link works correctly, but not Works when I apply it in bloc! somebody could help me?

@nelo Hi,

I tested that google search and it wasn’t very slick.
When i got it to work it displayed the result in a scrollable frame that was like 30px high… obviously not correct.

You could test another internal search engine!
Check this thread on how i implemented an internal search feature in Blocs that looks and works very nicely.

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@nelo I have Google Custom Search working on a non-responsive website built in SoftPress Freeway here:

Note the search field in the bottom left corner of that web page. You can try any keyword, but I suggest just typing “test” and hitting return. You will be taken to a search results page in that site, and the length of the results page varies by the number of search results.

I’ve not yet tried to implement Google Custom Search in Blocs because I’m still trying to figure out the best way how. But the advantage to using it over other proposed search solutions here in the Blocs forum is that Google does the indexing for you on a regular basis and even creates the little thumbnail pictures too. Ads are shown if you use it for free, but I’ve never found that to be a problem because, well, beggars can’t be choosy! :slight_smile: