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Hello all fellow Bloc-heads :slight_smile:

I am a rather new Blocs user and overall, I love Blocs. As I work on projects, I’ve run into an issue where I need icons that aren’t available in any of the icon libraries in Blocs. I’m able to design my own vector art in Adobe Illustrator and export as SVG but I don’t see where I have the ability to create and use my own custom icon groups. That would be very helpful. Another useful feature would be the ability to import other icon packages already created.

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You can attach them as if they were an image, at least I have used them that way, and it allows you to embed svg, png, etc etc.

@nelo, thanks for the reply. But can you utilize all icon-related settings, like creating a circle around it, creating a rollover state (color change, etc)? Warm Regards, Randy

I do not think not, if you want an icon inside a circle, you will have to make the icon as it is, and the color that you require, you will only have the options that provide you the configuration of an image, personalized labels, etc. try to use it that way to see how it fits what you need!

@nelo, thanks! :slight_smile:

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I’m rather new at blocs and still in the learning process, so far I love Blocs but there are a few things missing that would enable me to truly customize sites as per advertised and expected from my clients. Custom Icon Groups is a must, I sincerely hope it will be taken into consideration in the next Blocs update.

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