Custom Post Types / Custom Fileds not visible in Blocs


I am developing a new website and I have just installed the plugin Custom Post Type UI and ACF in order to create a custom post type called “My Team Members” and some custom fields.

I gave the web address of the local development website (I am using Local by Flywheel) and the Custom Post Type nor the Custom Fields (I am using ACF for this) are not visible in Blocs.

What could be the issue here?

Here some Screenshots. Sorry as I am new I can not post more than one image so I use imgur

Many thanks in advance for you feedback!

Hi @NoCodeDev, welcome to our community.
To ensure you have full integration between Blocs and your WordPress site, make sure you have installed the Blocs Dev plugin (
Is this one installed and active?

If so and the issue endures: what is the exact url under which your local dev environment is active?

Hi @brechtryckaert! Many thanks.

Yeah the plugin is installed and active. At the moment the local URL is this:


@brechtryckaert did you maybe had time to check this issue? I saw you also created a beautiful WP theme using Blocs and I think also Custom Post types right?

I’ve just finished testing this. I set up Local by Flywheel for this, since I usually have my dev environment on a real webserver. My experience was pretty similar to yours:

I’m actually guessing you’d need a url that is live for Blocs to be able to connect to the plugin.

Having the same problem!

hi @brechtryckaert many thanks for you answer and time.

On the Blocs Vimeo/YouTube video series about WordPress I think they use also a local environment using MAMP so I think this should work as well.

Or am I wrong @Norm?


I just try to do it again, and now it works.
I did update Local beforehand.

How is you staging domain? @Ive251068

Use this http://my-theme.local in Blocs as a web address