Cycling site

Hi all,

This is my third site built with Blocs —

It is complete apart from an issue with the cycling diary, an embedded Google calendar (reported elsewhere on the forum).

For anyone new to the program, I found it easy for the first half-hour, adding Blocs and Brics, then you hit a steep learning curve. Don’t get downhearted: watch the videos from people like @Eldar and you’ll soon be churning out sites.

My opus magnus is my family tree site, which I’d nearly finished in Softpress Freeway when the company went belly up. I’ve made a holding page using Blocs — — and will be starting work on the full site soon.

Stick in there!



You forgot the l in cycling in the link …

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I like it, makes me want to leave my desk and go cycling …

Only some little observations:

I’m not sure about the picture-in-picture set up of the hero page. We see the same image twice, as a background and in a frame. The eye doesn’t really know what to make of that, in my opinion. Photo is very nice, though!

And in your menu the last item cycle-rides-in-colchester is not in Caps, whereas all the others are. Maybe you could just shorten the title and put in in Caps as well to get a uniform look.

The glow-effect on the font in the menu bar looks a bit too much (on my screen).

The site took a long time to load, but my Internet connection is quite slow today, so that doesn’t necessarily mean much. But maybe your »hero«-image is too large.



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