Dark mode support in v3


Given the size of the iOS/macOS market I feel this shouldn’t wait for v4

I almost feel this could be done using custom css in v3 but I’m very new to Blocs so maybe I’m way off base here? (just deployed my first app website last weekend!)

Aside: I’ve implemented light/dark mode inside simple html help pages displayed inside an iPhone app and the changes were not that sustantial. I really just had to add some CSS to enable it and then specify light/dark variations for colors and images.

Would be interesting to hear from @Norm why this needs to wait for v4?



Interesting thought. After being a fan of Dark Mode initially, I only really use it in the evenings now and have One Switch manage the times to turn it off/on. What does irritate me now is the apps that are still light when I am in Dark Mode and those that are dark when I am in Light Mode.

Sites I design tend to be somewhere in the middle, with not too much white and not too dark. If it is possible to take the cue from the user’s system style, then that would be useful.

Stupid question maybe!!! How do you turn “dark mode” off on Blocs 3? I personally prefer “light mode”.



Go to Blocs Preferences, and change the Application Theme.

Thank you. As you can guess, a newbie.


You are welcome! If you have any questions, we are always happy to help!
BTW, if you haven’t already, check my FREE Getting Started with Blocs 3 course at BlocsMaster.com
It usually helps a lot beginner Blocs users.