De-Select All

New user.

How do you de-select all in the workspace? It seems this is needed because when I try to select an image in the Asset Manager in order to delete it, the image also gets placed in whatever I currently have selected in the workspace.


Hi @Chris-0. I’ve difficulties understanding you. Thanks to clarify in more detail.

In the attachment, you can see (1) the header is selected. In (2), you can see when I select an image in the Asset Manager (to delete it) the header gets that image inserted into it (because it’s selected). So I need to “de-select all” in order to select an image in the Asset Manager to delete it.

Hope that helps.

Hi @Chris-0 I hear you, its gets me sometimes too. You can right click on the image and select remove image, or you can also use the ‘select’ option along the top and then click your image(s) and then the - to remove them. This works better than it used to. I am assuming more is to come.


That works great. Thanks!