Default Background Color?

Hi All,
I’m working with the trial for Blocs to see how I like using it.

I’ve found in the settings how to set a default text color, but I don’t see a way to set a default background color - is there a way to do this so each time I create a new page and add a structure to it I don’t have to select the color I want as the background? I know it’s kind of a nitpicky question, but I was just wondering if there is a way to do it.

It should be possible to do it with a style sheet ( as a quick test I did it by editing the HTML). As far as I know it can’t be done directly in blocs.

Since i am new to blocs i don’t really know if this is the right answer for you, but seeing the way its being built i guess the best option you have to do so is to create your first page with all parameters you need then duplicate it x times for, doing so you’ll have a set of identical pages, then just modify the contents.

The second swatch in the global swatches is the default background search for new blocs. By default it’s set to white, change the second swatch from white to green etc and you will see all new blocs will be created with a green by.

On a side note, I do plan to add an option to set the body background colour via project settings in Blocs very soon.


Would this second swatch also change the drop down menus background colour?

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It will be very use full.
I’m seeing color in background blocs but when export backgroud is white.

That looks like a bug. Is that a new project created with Blocs v2

Yes, the latest version of Beta BLOCS 2.4.0 AUGUST 2, 2017.
I painted the background blocs with this color.
I fixed with body bg color on Head Code area. But it is looking a bug.

I also believe that is a bug, I experience the same issue.
My version of Blocs is 2.4.5 (licensed).

This is a screenshot of Blocs:

And this one is from the live site:

Is this still an issue (in 2.5.1?). I have background colours for all blocs but they don’t appear in the exported project.
I had changed the default (white) global swatch. This doesn’t get exported it seems. Instead, I created a new global colour swatch and explicitly set each bloc’s background to it. That was exported ok. The issue seems to be with using the default (white) swatch, even if the colour is changed to something else.

Yes, please :wink: