Default Browser

In the Blocs Preferences you can decide which browser is default.
You have the choice of Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
I also have OperaNeon and a new browser called CLIQZ.
But they don’t appear in the preferences.
Any way to change this?

I can add them, leave it with me.

Thanks a lot- again ;-))

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I found out that OperaNeon is rubbish.
Norm you should remove it and replace it with VIVALDI.
Vivaldi is fast, easy and simple but has a good choice of preferences.

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I’ll add VIVALDI too

Good. Very good.

2.4 build 19 will have support for Vivaldi.

Very good.
I’m using Vivaldi as my default browser now. Very fast, easy, lots of extensions.
Nice to have a Chrome based browser without my computer being “bewitched” by Google. :wink:

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@Norm Any chance you could add Blisk? It would seem like a logical option.

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