Default Link Class

Surely there must be a way to do this in Blocs but my aging brain isn’t seeing it.

Isn’t there a way to set a default Class for hyperlinks, such that when I have text selected and click the little link icon, instead of white text that is impossible to see, it will automatically choose my default Link Class? I have the Class already created, I just need to figure out how to tell Blocs to default to the class when I create a new text hyperlink.

Right now, I select text I want to make a link, click the link icon, then I need to click in the Classes field of the right sidebar and type the name of my hyperlink Class. I do this dozens upon dozens of times per day, and it’s driving me mad. Having the Class be auto-set for my new text links would be a huge time saver.



I use Project Settings for that.

But it doesn’t give you the same flexibility as creating a dedicated link Class would. For example, my links are blue but no underline normally, and on mouseover the underline appears, and when clicked they retain the underline but turn red. Project settings doesn’t offer that, hence my original question.

I guess the answer is “Blocs can’t do what you want so file a Wish List request.” Am I right?

Eldar has a video how to do this. Not sure which video exactly. Maybe you can check his site

I’m not finding it on his website, so perhaps @Eldar will chime in on this.