Deleted pages keep appearing in Navigation Menu


Very new to Blocs. I have created a “global area” at the top of my page with a navigation list. I have created and deleted a few pages. The problem is: the deleted pages still appear in the navigation menu. They don’t exist anymore, but I can’t get rid of the navigation links. There’s also something called “new link” in the Menu as well.

How do I get the navigation menu to only link to pages that actually exist, and not ones that USED TO exist?

Navigation menu - custom class (SOLVED)

Select the menu and from the sidebar open menu manager, this window handles what’s going on with your projects menus.


I have had this problem, the only way I could fix it was by creating a new menu system under menu manager. Not ideal, but it did work. I wanted to have a page that is not on the menu system. I created a page and then deleted it from the primary menu list but it is still there. I am now using a 2nd menu. this works because pages are not added to the list unless I add them manually.


If a menu goes out of sync, Just select the menu on the canvas and set its data feed (via side bare) to none and then back to your desired menu.


Brill, I will try that now


Thanks norm, deleted the page and had the same problem with navigation

for anyone else - in the “menu manager” there is a “+” for adding and a “-” for deleting…
when deleting a page, you have to delete it from both (menu manager and actual page) otherwise the above problem will happen

hope this helps