Deleting Blocs version 2 affected stuff in version 3

I had version 2 installed on my system parallel to version 3 since the release of version 3. Today I decided to remove blocs 2 from my Mac and deleted version 2 using a tool called “AppCleaner”.

After doing so I launched version 3 and got a scare …

The first thing I noticed is blocs 3 asked me for my license number and email, even though it was installed already with a valid license. Anyway, after entering my credentials I opened an existing blocs file which I had created in version 3. Then I got a warning saying that some .js files where missing (3rd party extension). And then i noticed that all my self-hosted fonts were missing …

So I had to:

  1. reinstall all my custom web fonts again in the global settings menu.
  2. My custom/third party extensions were gone. I had to reinstall them as well.

Got everything back up and running OK. Nevertheless it’s a scary feeling to open a blocs files and see all the text styles are missing, custom extensions not working etc.

Hey Gary, be careful with uninstaller, they can sometimes take stuff they are not meant to.

Any shared folder, preference or custom resources used across versions may be flagged by a cleaner app for removal. You can selectively leave those which may be shared manually by viewing each apps listings and determining those which appear to be shared across install versions.

Some apps diligently segment install resources by version number or otherwise so this conflict is a nonissue.

Blocs does this, but it still didn’t prevent the resources being removed. Each version has an application support directory containing all the resources, Blocs-2, Blocs-3 etc.

Thanks for the Advice!