Deleting folders in the asset manager

If I start a new project now from scratch and go to the asset manager it will show folders that were created for previous projects. There is nothing inside there, but I’m wondering why these folders even exist on brand new projects.

Is it safe for us to delete these folders without affecting the existing projects or should we always be using the same names for custom folders e.g project assets. It feels like there is a bug in this setup @Norm

As a follow up to my comment above I was just going through the project settings and noticed an attachment in the global site wide settings that was added to the previous project. This could potentially cause all sorts of headaches if items like this are added by default to brand new projects. This is 2.5.3b3.

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Ok thanks for the heads up.

The global project assets issue is fixed and ready for 2.5.3 build 4.

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I’m seeing another issue in b3. Just started on a new project and selected paragraph text as black inside project settings, but it’s appearing grey, despite the web page being clean white. I can only make the text black by selecting individual paragraphs and applying the colour in each bloc.

This is also fixed in Blocs 2.5.3 beta build 4.


Sometimes I wish we could apply two likes to a post.

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Create a fresh project add a bloc and try to set the paragraph text colour via the project settings, does that work? It works fine for me so it may be an issue with the actual project file and its classes.

This is a brand new project started an hour or so ago. It’s only a one page site with a sign up form and the only class was a bit of padding added later on.



Did you set the opacity of the colour correctly?

Yes, it’s set at 100% with licorice black selected as the colour.