Deleting projects and choosing where project files are kept


This is my first Blocs site. worked most of it out slowly.
Two things, how do i delete projects i began with? Because i had spaces in project name/ site folder. So I trimmed it down to make directory names less complicated.

And where I’ve saved as the new shorter project, images and files etc seem to save in old project folder or I’ve referenced them from there. trying to negate it all up, i seem to have files in both old and new project folders. leading to missing files when reopening my new project.

I will go through and add missing files back to current project.

Site is uploaded and working fine from my old mess, so now i need to wait until I’ve redone the project on my computer.

Site is

thanks, Danny

Just about sorted now. only thing is in mobile view I have 2 hamburger menus. The top one shows up in sidebar as ‘Bloc’. The lower one as ‘list’. cant seem to delete either without deleting the whole Bloc. i would like to delete the top Bloc hamburger menu?

that looks really good, better than mine