Deleting social icons?


when i delete a social icon it leaves a grey or blue empty box and the one icon i want off center. Also how do i add icons


@theflb you mean like this?


Thanks that’s pretty helpful. However is there a way to just straight delete it, not swap for something else?


@theflb It seems that the social media bloc can’t be changed.
But you can easily make your own.

Here’s an example on setting up one with three columns.


Nice, short comings of apps! There normally a work around if you just take the time to think about it. Another great example.



I don’t understand.


Blocs gives us predefined areas blocs and bricks. A lot of time these work great for users. There are other times when they just don’t work like we want them to. My comment was directed that many users have learned through classes and thinking about how can a make something work they way they need it. The video is one of those example that the predefined social media box didn’t do what the user wanted and was shown another way to achieve a social media area.



thanks @Jakerlund wish i could just delete the stuff i didnt need but that was a good work around you showed. thanks

Good to see helpful people on this forum, makes me want to continue using blocs. Ive been working in dreamweaver for donkeys years, so it’s nice to give something else a shot for when I want to quickly do something. I’me sure I’ll have lots more questions soon to find other work arounds. I’ll give a good test for the 5 day trail to see if it is enough for simple tasks i need. love the concept. Would like to see more copy and pasting and dragging and dropping though


Thanks for clarifying.


I also used Dreamweaver for a long time. Having to sign up for the subscription creative suite just was not for me. That’s when I started using Blocs. I’ve been with it from version 1.0 and it has grown in to a great little program. @Norm continues to listen to this community and each version continue to grow. For anyone that wants to easlly build responsive website I’m sold. There are many tools out there but Blocs has really fit my needs. Stay with it and I think it will fill most of your needs. Believe me, when I say I did not want to learn another new program but now it’s one of the best and most used program I use.