Deploying Site with Embedded Hype

Hi guys
I am employing a site with hype embedded on one of the pages.
When previewing it, everything looks good but the deployed site does not play the hype.

Any pointers would be appreciated…

Be sure that you haven’t enabled lazy loading when you export the site. Using this option can inhibit the ability of browsers to display the Hype animation.

Not sure if this will solve the issue, but best to get rid of the obvious potential problem before examining the issue further.

I almost wonder if lazy loading should be enabled as a page setting, rather than project wide. Given the automatic inclusion in Browsers like Chrome I wonder if it won’t be dropped entirely before long. On a recent project I disabled it because the page loading seemed very slow and jumpy with lazy loading in use. It worked much better after turning off.


@Flashman I agree entirely. Lazy loading was a good option in the days before high speed internet and massive bandwidth, but given the speed and bandwidth most people enjoy today, it does seem like it’s becoming defunct.

More info here about how it works now and it should be possible to enable or disable on an image by image basis.

If it works in preview mode it’s unlikely to be lazy load as that is also used in preview mode.

It sounds like the Hype resources may not be correctly located on the server, did you try right clicking and using the browsers built in inspector to check for errors?