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So… I know I know… Blocs is not a free-form website builder…However, if you visit some websites based on Bootstrap you will see they are so cool, so well designed etc… coders will say…duh! they are made using code! Well… I would like to ask @Norm and others like @Eldar (you are a great Blocs web developer bro!) how to accomplished sites like:,,,, I am not saying that they must be like this, what I am trying to say is if Blocs 4 will have more tools and be more flexibility while maintaining the power of Blocsapp for non coder…like pro designers. Again…not talking to make Blocs a free-form builder because obviously that’s not the point of Bootstrap ( I guess ) but more “build sites like those in Blocs” for non coders… I hope I made myself clear :joy: I know Blocs 4 will be already awesome but I don’t know how awesome will be for pro designers. Thanks!!! :blush:

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if anyone wants to check more bootstrap websites , you can go to:

I just visited, tried to inspect the code (with my rudimentary knowledge) and noticed that it’s a Wordpress site, wich uses a lot of Javascript. I don’t see familiar bootstrap classes.


From experience I can say that agency designers and developers get paid to go beyond what their tool does “out-of-the-box”. Doing things bespoke (on top of a framework) is how all these projects begin. So the tool must allow you to do that, and Blocs does.

Also, these showcase sites, are not “out-of-the-box” work regardless the tool. Again, these tools all allow custom css and javascript as a legitimate feature to allow you to go beyond what’s considered point-and-click.

The biggest impact of these works in my opinion is Art Direction. Take away the custom javascript embellishments and the Art direction is what makes the site feel right.

Thankfully the software is extendable, so expect steady improvements and new options. Be sure to stay informed when new custom brics are released also.


I had worked in big agencies as design director before and now I have my own. Yes, as creative people we always visualized everything from point 0 to 100, from talking about a project, to concept to “beta” direction to develop first version and then final version and all in between. We do this using many different tools obviously. In this case, Blocs for my agency is kind of the final steps because it is important not just for us but for our customers to get what our customers had confirmed and put it into Blocs. We got 2 programmers, yes, but we prefer that our senior designers use Blocs to facilitate the creative view transition to the final product. I am not saying coders can’t be creative but a professional designer ( at least in our team ) has vastly more experience doing creative work and understanding the consumer, design trends, etc… So, as I said before, I am not expecting that Blocs 4 to be free-form builder but at least to have more flexibility for pro designers. Some people still don’t see that actually the world is moving towards DESIGN, anything visually excite is really important for any commercial project. Coders will add that the code is the most important thing in a web project, while I agreed that the code or code tools are important, I need to add that after 25 years experience in the creative industry, anything VISUAL is much more important if the purpose is being commercial…you can take my word for it, since I had worked with companies like P&G, Coca-Cola, Apple and other fortune 500s. People firstly buy through the eyes and then secondly ( if interested ) by functionality. I think Blocsappp itself proves my point. Blocs visually is very appealing and the UI is simple enough etc… sure Blocs is powerful enough too for coders as well.

So I hope Blocs 4 will have many more tools for designers and also can have MANY more brics and so on to help designers create something awesome. :blush:


this is especially true in the case of Blocs, as it is marketed as a ‘no coding needed’ website builder = i.e., its soul is designed to be a ‘designers’ website tool. No?

If the full power of blocs is only unleashed in the hands of ‘coders’ then there is a gap between its ‘marketing’ & ‘its value’ to designers.

And, I’m neither a designer nor a coder—I sit in the category of folks who want to make their own website with more gusto than Wix or other such types of builders provide for—and so, only ‘designer’ web tools are approachable for me, because ‘coder’ tools (and I’ve looked at many, even Pinegrow) are way out of reach for folks like me who do not have a need/want to invest in the learning process to utilize a ‘coding’ tool, and want to own the app!

I’m excited for Blocs 4…it looks deliciously improved, addressing many ease of use wishes


Blocs 4 coupled with amazing brics and lessons on how to do amazing things will bring Blocs 4 into a whole new level.

I am so excited with the launch of it ! And i have many friends that are working with other platforms and I know from what I have shown them that they too are really interested in it!


Let’s hope so! I am holding my own web for Blocs 4… “By the power of Grayskull…I have the power!”

I think you made a good point here. Yes Blocs in the hands of a professional coder can be really powerful, but as you said Blocs is advertised as a"no coding needed" website builder…anyone can do great things. So, in my case, having some great new tools and other features that none coders and designers can use to make websites is very important. I think also that none coder and designer can learn some code to improve our skills but this should be done in a very flexible way. There are many topics and questions in the forum about, “how to make this xxxxx do RRR?” usually the answer is as simple as it gets …coders know the answer quickly, but for us that simple question can take hours to figure out. I think the forum is great, there are so many people that will help and I THANK YOU ALL a lot for that, but it could nice for us to just do it and not keep asking the same or similar questions again and again. That’s why I think new tools and features for “US” are very important. Can’t wait for Blocs 4 really. :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t agree more…one of the best forums I’ve experienced, and since I’ve received such tremendously generous help from many of the experts, when I can I ‘pay it’ forward :slightly_smiling_face:

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Blocs is becoming a better tool for people who know how to code, to the point that it actually makes sense to learn the code a little bit for people like me. I do hope that the main focus of Blocs app will continue to be providing the best web design tool for non-coders and graphic designers. That’s the main reason why I prefer to work in Blocs app compared to Webflow or other similar tools. Blocs is just so much easier and more pleasant to use.

As the @Norm has said himself in his ‘Blocs - Past, Present, and Future’ article a couple of years ago:

My initial eureka moment came early one morning when I was drinking tea and watching my 7 year old nephew build amazing landscapes and structures in the game MineCraft. I thought to myself, this game is basically a 3D design tool that’s been simplified to the level that a child can create with it. I set out to do something similar but for the web.

Hopefully, the goal is still the same.

As for our forum, I agree 100%. We have the best user forum I have ever seen. So much positivity and people willing to help each other. I think it all comes down to how Norm and core members of this forum welcome new members with open arms, help them as much and they can, and then these ‘new’ users become core members of the forum as well, providing help and answers to the future new users.

Like @DanielF said, ‘Paying It Forward’. BTW, there is a movie about this topic, very good one to watch.

To summarize, Blocs app can be expanded with code, but I believe that in 99% of situations, there is a way to archive the same goal without coding.

I just wish there was an easier way to change the color and style of the mobile menu hamburger inside Blocs app :pray: :rofl:

Have a great week everybody!



THAT’S right! who is waiting for that!?? :rofl: LOL everyone , come on


But if this really happened…become a code tool, then I think Blocs market will drop. For professional coders there are very powerful apps for that, not that Blocs cannot do great code, but the I think the core of Blocs is to make great sites through an easy process or at least a high % for designers or non coders.
Imagine if Photoshop becomes a video editing or an animation app in the future, all graphic designers and pro photographers and image editors will go…let’s say pixelmator or another app…PS shares will drop like crazy…

Why worry? Blocs will improve for both. Code savvy people AND designers. Blocs is not going to become a coder’s tool primarily. It just offers even more and maybe even easier ways for those that know how to and want to use code to achieve their goals.

I appreciate that. And I’m sure Blocs will become even more attractive.

I’m slowly starting to learn code (really slowly, due to my age), to widen my possibilities and to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Hate JS btw. That’s killing me :eyes:


For me the good and incredible thing about BLOCS is that it is a powerful tool for designers and at the same time it is a powerful tool for coders who want to take their projects to the maximum of design.

For me it is a very successful philosophy of @Norm, since it has managed to combine the two solutions and together with a forum that also maximizes the spirit of COLLABORATION between non-coders and yes coders.

My public recognition and my congratulations to @Norm, for me it is the right way to have the two worlds coexisting.

Congratulations also to the entire community of this forum and more deeply to all of you who have more knowledge and help us who are simple learners.

We are assisting in the creation of what is and will be the best design tool for websites

Thank you sincerely

And what drew me to it was that, even out of the box, you can get a pretty rock-solid, responsive and good looking site up and running very quickly and easily.
I’m no coder, but starting to pick up bits here and there, but this is really the niceties and icing on the cake. The underlying Blocs-built website is a great, solid foundation.

:+1: :100:

By the way, CSS positioning will “absolutely” :rofl: help people realize a lot great ideas. Honestly, with css positioning and Media Queries together the sky is the limit really. Uniquely placed elements that seem to behave properly at different screen sizes are some of the bigger hurdles designers face a lot. :wink:

A few thoughts,

I really do think he’s giving designers the right stuff at the right time in terms of the following:

  • Cross-browser compatibility, Some of that stuff we drool over just doesn’t have the same compatibility theshold that Blocs has to meet! Some of those site comps are actually React or node based and literally have no browser restrictions!

  • Responsiveness

  • Uncluttered interface with fairly small learning curve to achieve A&B

By allowing the software to grow organically Norm is able to find room for things and balance all the criteria above. Otherwise designers end up with something that resembles the other tools that were mentioned earlier.

Can we just pay you now dude?


@Whittfield well said! I’ll second that, just let me pay for it.


In particular, I have designed some nice sites in blocsapp, Point for the designer mode, and I have learned a thing or two about code, point to learn to program … now only what I am looking for is that direct code can be added in the blocsapp structure, so it would be easier to program my administrative panels with php! it would be all in one then !!! If they add more design things, it wouldn’t be bad like the previous ones I’ve seen for V4 … I’ll be waiting for it soon