Desktop: Navbar changes to hamburger

I’ve managed to find several other threads on this but no solution.

When I insert a Navigation bloc in the global header it starts off as text for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile views. At some (seemingly random) point it changes the Desktop to being a hamburger menu. I want to keep the text version, not the hamburger version, but can’t see how to do this. Any suggestions?


‘Command + Z’ many times got it back, but this solution is the most practical. :wink:

You can hide the menu on the mobile version and use a custom row (not a nav one) styled like the desktop one but just for mobile, its not the proper choice but it would work if you need it

You can configure the views for desktop, tablet and mobile for the menu. Click on the menu and it will bring up the data information in the sidebar to set different views for the Hamburg menu.