Dev API Road Map

So the Dev API is work in progress at this early stage, this is what I plan to add leading up to the official release. Consider these are broad strokes, smaller bits and bobs are also planned.

  1. Slider control :white_check_mark:
  2. Colour well control :white_check_mark:
  3. Segmented button control.
  4. Page drop down (access project pages for linking).
  5. A way to know when a page attachment is being used by a custom Bric - (prevent user removing it accidentally via page settings).
  6. Bric update mechanism.
  7. Add disable/enable custom Brics like Wordpress (end user debugging).
  8. Access to animation controls.
  9. Custom bric nesting (the ability to allow Brics to be dropped within Custom Brics).
  10. More examples and docs.

Time scale
It’s my goal to have the API finished and out of beta by May so hopefully a lot of this stuff is implemented by then.

Distribution to Blocs Users
Im sure some of you are looking to get your creations in the hands of other users. My advice is wait until the API is at least in beta, unless you are just looking for testers.

Other stuff
I’ll be creating a deadicated mailing list for devs with a quarterly mail shot to begin with.

I also have a slack group, would you prefer I open that up for anyone to join or are you happy with just the forum? I personally find the forum a better platform but I’m easy.


I would definitely use a Slack channel - why? because can talk w/ Norm & other devs in real-time. Helps to speed up finding solutions.


I do not know Slack very good, but as I remember, its like a global chat with all mixed inside? Then I prefer the forum, where each topic is treated more or less separately and it is easier to search for something.


I think the forum better. I’m on several slack channels and find them more of a chat room than a good resource for information. Since I’m not into the chat I don’t logon very often. The forum is kinda one stop shopping for blocs.


Sliders and colour wells are implemented and ready for Alpha 2 of the API.