Different browser - different look

Hi If I use safari for my web site the headers look as expected but in Chrome there is a wide white line. The header is actually made up of two blocs. Top half is the header and the lower half with the menu is a sticky in the main area.

for info the site is arina.biz

It looks like you have two blocks there, I do not know if I’m wrong
you tried with another browser?

Yes it is two blocks. A header and body as per the original post. Should that matter?

This could be the problem, since when setting the browser it is over, try adjusting the height of the menu text that should work

The menu at the top, do you have a custom class adding a top margin?

I’m sure it would help Norm if you could provide an example blocs project so that people didn’t need to guess.

Thanks all - the bric was taller than the block