Different paragraphs same text properties/formatting

i have noticed that if you change properties for text (size style ect) it changes for the whole box - which is ok, it is just how it works.

here is the problem - so i create a second paragraph box (under the first) so i can change the “text” properties/format, but any changes effect both boxes???

am i missing something or is there a workaround?

any help appreciated

Text styling affects all text within a Bloc with the same styling attributes. For example, changing paragraph text in one text bric will change the styling in all text brics within the same Bloc.

The way to overcome this is to wrap text in a span where you want different styling. You then create a custom class to create the style you want and apply it to your span.

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i must be missing something :frowning: i tried wraping it in span - once i wrap it in span i loose the ability to change any formatting for whats in span (it also bunches everything together - but that is a side issue), so i changed the top box and the same thing happened

44 am

maybe i have to name the span? going to check how to use span

Nazar, the best approach to controlling text is to make a class using the class manager and assign specific text properties there. Then you can assign that class to any text you want formatted in that way.

Later if you want a different format you can edit the class definition and all the relevant text will change accordingly.

This method ensures that you have consistent text and is better than trying to subvert the existing behaviour.

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The only thing that must be remembered is to SELECT the text (not just the text container) before applying the span. Once it’s selected, click the span icon to wrap the selected text. With the span selected, create a custom class to change the text style to whatever is needed. No need for naming Spans.

There’s absolutely no need to wrap text in a span.

textclass.bloc (725.1 KB)

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There isn’t if you’re changing the whole block of text - but if it’s only part of the text, a span is essential.

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I agree, but in your example you show a whole paragraph being selected.

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Including a span…

textclass.bloc (725.2 KB)

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Sorry about that, Pauland, A poor example. Anyway - I guess Nazar will now have it all cleared up and can use whichever method is appropriate for his project.

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hey guys, i want to thankyou very much :+1: ive learned new things today :slight_smile:

as the whole paragraph needs changing and i have multiple pages that require the same formatting - i will go with pauland suggestion :+1:

hendon - what you said is a very valid point (changing text within a paragraph) :+1:

, both are excellent things to learn (didn’t think classes could be used in this way) and had no idea about span (really didn’t)

@hendon52 - thankyou for taking the time, especially to come back again, i did select the text - but i think the reason was i didn’t name it.

@pauland thankyou for giving me an alternative

gotta be somewhere, look forward to learning later