Disable cache bust issue - solved

Has anyone tried to disable cache bust. It doesn’t seem to disable it for me. @Norm if you can duplicate this it would be a good one to fix.

In Card Designer, I like to unload scripts that aren’t needed. Cache Busting prevents me from targeting the scripts of course, but unchecking the feature and I still see the cache bust query string loaded to the page.

Works good for me in 3.3.0 released version.

Thanks @InStacks, It’s definitely still engaged for me, even when the option is unchecked.

What resources are being effected? css and js?

Hi, for me it’s both.

Tried many scenarios and have not been able to disable it, but I did come to my senses and used simple regex, which is a much more solid solution anyway.

Are you unchecking this in the project settings?

yep, that’s the spot.



I see, cache cutting in preview is intentionally forced which is fine for dev purposes.

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