Disable dynamic content to flow behind the navbar

I want my content in the dynamic area to not scroll behind the navbar in the header.

Problem is I changed the margin/padding of the navbar and gave it round corners so there is little “white” transparency before the navbar starts.

But now when I scroll up the dynamic content it will flow behind the navbar. I want the content to stop at the “border” before the header starts. How is that possible?

select the navbar and once it’s selected on the right side panel uncheck the STICKY option if it’s checked.

Sorry I didn’t tell. I want a sticky navbar! so this doesn’t work out. Here is a picture of how it looks when the content scrolls behind the (sticky) navbar.


can you attach a better photo or make a short video of it? from the provided pic I can’t tell you anything

Here two pics where you can see it. Here the “unscrolled” state:


And here you can see it when the dynamic area flows behind the navbar:


I can’t replicate this issue. those screenshot you’ve sent, are those from the in-app preview or from browser preview?

It’s a browser preview. To replicate it you only need to make a class in the bloc of the global (header) area and set the margin to 10 (i.e.). Then when you have a sticky navbar you can see the content scrolling behind.

Here now a picture from the App Preview Mode. Like you see my navbar has a corner with a higher radius and I want the dynamic content to stop at the global header area. Cause like you see on the pic in the left corner, the navbar gets “destroyed” with scrolling.


I just sent you a message in inbox

Problem still persists. All I want is to prevent the dynamic area flowing in the global header area.

Maybe its not possible with the app but with extra code. I am not a coder but doesn’t sound too complicated.

Can I stop the dynamic area with code so that the dynamic area will never appear in that header area?