Disable other layouts

Hey, I am new in Blocs and I am wondering if I can create different layouts for all the different devices. I have tried to disable but the layouts are still there… am I doing something wrong?


I am not sure I follow you 100%, however you can do practically anything at different breakpoints. This could be done through visibility, showing one layout at desktop, then another at tablet for example or just hiding content completely.

Alternatively you could experiment with the column widths at different breakpoints or indeed control margin or padding through custom class spacing. There is very little you cannot do in that sense.

Thank you! I am gonna try to show different layouts for different devices.

Hi @simolivra, I think I get what you want to do based on your other post. If you’re not already, I would suggest becoming familiar with the Bootstrap 4 framework. As it’s the base of Blocs.

Although you can use visibility to do different breakpoint “layouts” it’s good to know that invisible HTML will still be loaded on the page. So you page size could end up a lot larger than you anticipate.