Disappearing Folders

So in my folder that Blocs exports my site to (locally) I have a folder with music. I want this music folder to stay in the folder where Blocs exports my site to. When I export I choose Quick Export and choose to only export changed files. But this always deletes that music folder that is already in the folder where Blocs exports to. Is there a way I can make this folder not get deleted every time I export the site to the local folder? I want to say I have other sites where Blocs was not doing this. Is it a setting I have to update in Blocs 5 since I upgraded? Thanks for any help :slight_smile:
*note my workaround is I already uploaded that music file to the server so when I upload my Blocs changes I have control and my folder stays up there, but it always disappears locally. Using Transmit as I always have.

UPDATE - I did find this, but I never had to do this before… my other folders always just remained whenever I did quick export, and only the main Blocs site files were updated leaving my additional added folders in tact: Simple solution to extra folder/content getting deleted! - Tips and Tricks - Blocs Forum

UPDATE… Was having issues with this particular site, but I took a chance and updated another site and chose to QUCK EXPORT only changed files, and it DID NOT overwrite my additional folders in my site folder. Still perplexed, but glad… Still happens with that latest site folder I made for a new site though. Odd. Will keep checking & testing.

So I am working on another web page. I try some experimenting. New site, new folder. Initially I exported the full site as new. Then, I created a folder called test inside the website folder. Then I did a quick export again of the site from Blocs and choose to only add what was changed, which makes no difference whether I actually change something or not… when I export to the folder the test folder is gone. Any folder NOT created by Blocs gets deleted if it resides inside my site folder whenever I update the site. This happens too often, but not always. So I cannot figure it out. But Blocs 4 NEVER did this, ever. I have to be so careful or back up folders, update, then transfer folders back inside. It is really annoying. An ideas?