Discussion forum

How do I create a discussion forum In blocs, like the blocs forum, I’m writing this on?

I believe this forum is created using discourse. https://www.discourse.org

It is in deed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A forum is more a web app than a website. Our forum is indeed run on discourse.

thank you, and apologies, im very much a Newbie. Im trying to install a forum into my Blocs website, but im not sure how to do it. i would welcome some advice on which is the easiest to install and how do i go about it? any training guides would be useful.

i have the Blocs training videos but none related to forums

I would suggest running your forum separate to your Blocs site and then just linking to it, just like we do for our forum.

Hello @Recce43,

I replied to your email about this question. Like Norm said, at the moment, running the forum separate to your Blocs site and connecting it to your domain is the best way to go.



Blocsapp is forum is awesome. I am really loving it