Diseños para mails con blocsapp

Good morning, can someone tell me how to design publicity emails with images, links, etc …


This requires a specialist application such as coffee cup email designer or the more expensive Mail Designer 365. These apps create the HTML email and then output a page of code and a collection of images/graphics used in the email. These can be uploaded to a server, preferably into a sub-folder specifically for your email campaign.

When it comes to sending, things can be a little trickier. If you use Safari, you have the option of visiting the HTML mail URL and then use the “email this page” option in safari to send to you chosen recipients. However, a more reliable option, particularly if you are bulk sending, is to use a script on your server to send your email. Essentially, the script will have an editor where you compose your email (usually based on the tinyMCE editor found in CMS apps such as wordpress). These editors will allow you to enter raw HTML source code. So, what you would do is copy the HTML code from your mail designer app and paste it into the editor. This will allow the script to send the message to your mailing list (also created within the script). One good script I use for this type of work is PHP Jabbers Newsletter script. This allows you to create a mailing list by either uploading a CSV or Excel file to your server, or by adding a registration form to your website. This latter option creates the mailing list database automatically.

Out of the two email design apps recommended, I prefer the Mail Designer 365 one. Its a very easy app to use and the results are fully responsive. Here is a couple of examples of the type of email it can create:

It supports video content, links, background images and the content can include tokens from your email sending script to completely personalise each email to its intended recipient (name, address, country, website etc.)

And it’s for free at the moment!

Yes, it is free, but be aware that it doesn’t include any support. If you have an issue with installation or use, you will have to open a support ticket at a fee of about $30. Alternatively, you can ask for help here for free - I’ve been using the app for some time so I’ve got to know its quirks and issues.

Thank you very much for your advice and for the time you have taken to answer me.

Another piece of software I’m using successfully since a few years is Direct Mail for Mac. You have the email design tab and the address tab which allows you to design, send and manage your email campaign. You can buy credits for sending mail or buy a one-time license (a bit over-priced) to use your own SMTP servers (as much as you need). On the design site it works like Blocs, starting from scratch or with a template and adding blocs from a library. Support is quite reactive.

Hello, what you can do too, and I did it once before, is to use the signature feature in Mail OS, and now everybody is saying that you can’t put code in it, and they right (in normal way) but you can insert code in the signature file. If you interested I can show you how…