Dislikes on FTP upload feature

The new feature of having a list of FTP servers available to upload too does have its flaws.

Because the full list of FTP servers is available to every Blocs site you open.

If you end up with 10 or 20 FTP servers or more why would you want to scroll down and down to search out the right server.

I would like to see only the FTP server/s relevant to site. Not +90% of FTP servers that have nothing to do with the Blocs site you’ve opened.

Eventually you might (you will) accidentally use the wrong FTP server Ouch!

Anyone agree with this?

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My top bit of advice for all FTP matters is to avoid any actions at 2.00am. It’s a recipe for mistakes. I am sure the bookmarking options will be improved over time.

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I remember doing that at my job a few years ago. Was using FileZilla but I never bothered to name my bookmarked servers. I ended up mistakenly uploading another website overtop the company’s site during my lunch break.

For about 10 minutes, we were bug exterminators instead of computer technicians. Made my boss spit take all over his monitor and keyboard. Lucky, he has a sense of humor.

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Hi Dave,

What do you think of this idea?

It’s not an issue to scroll down a list for me. There are worst things in life than a flick of the finger on a Magic Mouse and click of a button

That would help. e.g. anything that could be used as the default for that site.

I can see as it is now it’s not an issue if you have 1 or two sites. For me moving to blocs I could see this list growing over 40 with the sites I’m moving. Then it’s not manageable especially if you need to use the one at the bottom of this list again and again.

The app’s I’ve used previously had only one FTP server embedded in the site file because that’s all it ever needed :man_shrugging:. (well the icing of the cake would be a staging server too - so that’s two servers in the blocs site file).

Hopefully there’s plans to tweak this going forward.

If there was a default server pre-selected in your project all you need is… ⇧⌘P :grinning: