Display problems after Blocs Export to October CMS

Unfortunately, it took me hours to figure out how to install October CMS on my server and upload the theme. It is not very easy to explain and there are no good tutorials … I didn’t find any support from the October CMS site either, except the paid ones … :frowning: Well enough complaining…

I wanted to use October CMS to create a blog on my website and I found out that the background videos on my site don’t work anymore and formatting on the Hoover is suddenly different. If I do the export without October CMS and upload it to my server everything is fine, only the export with October CMS is faulty.

Now I don’t know if it’s because of the Blocs software or October CMS. Unfortunately, I also do not know who I can turn to now … I hope someone here can help me. I wish you a good start into the weekend.

I recall struggling with October the one time I tried it and gave up pretty quickly when I saw a bunch of code inside the interface, which didn’t look like a good fit for my clients. If you want an easy Blocs friendly CMS that will run a blog I would suggest looking at Volt developed by @InStacks

If you want to stick with October @Malachiman is the only one on forum that seems to use it regularly with a good understanding. He may be able to help.


Although it’s does lean more to being a developers CMS, you can make October client friendly and they see no code at all rather easily.

@Speedy-Alex if you want to send me your blocs project file, I can do a test export and see if I can’t spot the issue.? If you like send me a PM.


You really should make a tutorial (series) to show how that works :wink: I‘m sure lots of people would use October CM/S more often if they know how to use it. I for sure would.

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I could put that in the in-tray… things have been known to go missing there though :rofl:

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Thanks for the tip. I will take a closer look at Volt3

Just making sure it doesn’t get lost in your in-tray :upside_down_face: